Monday, April 27, 2009

What A Boring Holiday!!!!

I was doing nothing during the last week.
It is the first week of the holiday.
I still need to face another 1 boring week.
What can i do=.=
My life is play game, sleep, play game, sleep, play game, sleep, play game and sleep.
What a stupid holiday!!!
All of my friends is going to sit for their test, they have no time to play with me and my cousin was falling into sick since Friday, damn!
There is my only activity for the holiday, go to RedBox with my friends on Wednesday=.=
Somebody help me!!!!
Its too boring.
Can anybody suggest me what should i do during the boring holiday please?
If there is any suggestion please drop me a comment or tell me in the chat box :)
I would like to get more information.

2 Customer's Feedback:

There's Hooi Ming* said...

continue eat...
n eat...
n then sleep..
then die..

Sean said...

then u will very sad after i die, haha

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