Friday, July 2, 2010


It's been long time ago since the last.
There are a lot of things happened and there are a lot of changes in my life.
I had change from long semester to short semester.
It might makes me can’t complete my Diploma before the end of the year.
But, there is still possible.
I had leaved my gang to join the short semester.
Until now, I am still not comfortable to study and do assignment without them.
They are my best partners. The worse is I don’t even know when is the end of my semester=,=
According to my own record, the number of I went to class is <10. The lecturer was teaching nothing during the lecture just simply came in and talks with some student until the end of the class.
Luckily, this subject is 100% full course work.

Hope that i can complete my Diploma in by the end of this year.

A few days before, a person who love me was leaving.
She went to some where is safe call heaven.
It’s unexpected because the day before she went into hospital she was still stay in my house.
After she went into hospital, she was still like a normal person, which can talk and awake. My cousin accompanies her and talks with her until 4pm++.
But, we received a call from hospital at 6pm++.
In the call, the nurse said that she was very danger.
And, she leaves us in the next day morning.
Until now, I am still can’t accept that she is not here.
Tonight is the 7th day she leave us, the reason that I am still awake is I am waiting her to come back to me.
I hope that I can see her again and maybe this is the last time.
But, she doesn’t appear.
There are a lot of things I want to tell her.

I love you grandma, i will leave the light on in case you are coming back.

Tomorrow is the day that my friends go to their Uni.
All the best to them and hope they will always come back when they are free.
Now Batu Maung just left me and Tuko.