Sunday, March 28, 2010

Digi Broadband :( Celcom Broadband :)

I hate Digi Broadband!!!
The speed is ok when you did not exceed the usage volume. But what i dislike is it will maintain at the high kbps when you are doing nothing with your computer. It will make you exceed the usage volume faster. And, it's SUX, the sales person of Digi told me that the speed is up to 700kbps, after exceed the usage volume, it would be 400-500kbps. It was not!!! Fuck you!! that's only 128kbps after exceed the usage volume. Digi is always the sucker choice...don't matter how fast Digi is, it's still a turtle like the picture shows that. After i used the Digi Broadband for 5 days, i went to applied Celcom Broadband cause i can't a turtle speed line to surfnet....

Highly recommend. Celcom has much more stable than Digi. Although the maximum speed of the basic plan is only 300++kbps, it is better than the unstable Digi. Quite satisfied with the speed. And, Celcom won't maintain at high kbps. It will only rise the speed when you open more application or website and the speed will slow down when you are doing nothing. It can help you to save up your usage volume and make you far from the limit. I had plan to terminate my Streamyx since my house don't need a house phone line and i need to pay for it if i want to continue to use Streamyx. It's quite costly...I use a Digi Broadband modem to connect to Celcom network. LOL, it is because i sign up with a youth package which don't offer a free modem. But it's only RM50 per month and it contain 5GB of usage volume. It's more than the stupid Digi 3GB...Celcom is not the fastes but i choose it since Maxis offer their service with super duper high price. But of course very high speed.

The SIM-free modem from Digi but i had put the Celcom SIM into it...LOL

Friday, March 12, 2010

Better Man

Should I? ....zzzz