Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Melody

This is My Melody. Just a 35 seconds melody. Please listen to it and drop some comment about for me. Thanks. Anyone wana 编曲? If you do please tell me. I will complete it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What Is This!?!?

Ohoh...GirlGirl can't view this post...haha
Do it looks like something??haha

Guess, whats that^^
It is a Jelly!! Which make by my cousin, haha.
Did you seen this type of Jelly before?haha

Happy Bday Bok

What a sui siao people u are...

It is a raining day when your birthday, tuko said that if there is a raining day on someone birthday, that means the people is a very kiam siap ppl.

Yes, you

We can't go to where we were planing for...

The Island Red Cafe...

the kitchen electric sucks...zz

Finally, we go to OXO again,zzz
Happy Bday

Thursday, May 7, 2009


个位可以到 或click这篇稿的题目去听由suki作的曲然后用我填的词来唱,她在找人为她填词。成功让她选中的人将会得到1千元版税。这是我填的词,不过我的目地不是要得到那版税。如果明白的人终会明白。嘀嗒#(传短讯按手机的声音)

曲: Suki 词: Sean

分开前一秒钟 流星划过天空 许了个愿望 流星把我戏弄

听手机的唉愁 走进了回忆中 听见她幸福 也听见我在哭

脚链 开始 嘀嗒# 结束 全是谎言的起初 看见你和他幸福

你亲眼看我无助 却不走向前一步

*最痛是你的辜负 辜负我所有付出

付出友情输了全部 全部就这样结束

*最痛是你的残酷 残酷得没有温度

你爱他到这种程度 我只好选择推出

流星传说是否是真的 愿望却只实现一半 好朋友

夺走剩下的愿望 让许愿者眼泪流出眼框

*最痛是你的辜负 辜负我所有付出

付出友情输了全部 全部就这样结束

*最痛是你的残酷 残酷得没有温度

你爱他到这种程度 我只好选择推出

无法挽回的地步 我该学会放下和懂得怎样 认输

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Have my last dinner at OXO on the last day of my holiday which located at beside QueensBay Mall with Julie^^ The price is reasonable and there are some promotion, so we can bring our mother to have dinner at OXO on Mother's Day.

The set include salad, drinks, main course and dessert.
Salad with 2 pieces of Salmon

A piece of chicken chop, a few pieces of potato, carrot and vegetable with some Japanese Sauce

A chicken chop with some Sweet sauce