Monday, April 20, 2009

Sean™ Enterprise is starting to operate again!!

The exam was past~~~WooHoo~~ But, it is the time to worry about the result, OMG!!! I feel that everything is ok, but i worry about CSC. It might be fail T,T Someone bless me please~ When the begining of the exam, i wish to finish the exam faster and holiday come faster, but now is the holiday...NOTHGING TO DO!! Being a rubbish at home...All of my friends also studying at school and their exam is coming soon, nobody play with me=.= Then i play with my cute and naughty nephew. Show you all my cute nephew's photo^^This is my cute nephew 航航

CUTE!! When he is not naughty=.=

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Julie said...

u bo hor ur blog so long d also nvr write bout me..hng>,<

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