Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Happiest Day Among The Holidays(Because i was not play n sleep n play n sleep=.=)

Long, Me, Bok, Indian
I went to RedBox with my friends yesterday. It can consider as a meaningful day, because it is not only play game and sleep any more=.= I went back to IICP to get my result in the morning, Don't have any A, but atleast i pass all the subjects. Before that, i brought my 小青 to wash too. After went back from IICP, i go to Juru with zz. Just simply sat in his car go and back because he was fetching his mom to Juru for a course. After we back from Juru, we went Bayan Baru to fetch Indian(Ah Neh). We have our lunch together, i never have meal with Indian since we leave the secondary CLHS. After the dinner, we went to RedBox and start to sing(Wakaka). I sang a lot of song yesterday=.= After RedBox, we go to 1stop for snooker. We finish the only 1 round of the game more than 1 hour=.=(OMG). Before we went home, we went to have our dinner at the food court which in front of PCGHS.

Long, ZZ

Did you seen people sing like this before?

We got a large room but we only have 5 person(the other 1 was holding the cam). Big enough? haha

Indian was singing at the beach

That's ME!!

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