Saturday, January 7, 2012

Siri on iPhone is still a fool

I've been wasting a lot of time to make it works on my iPhone. But i found out it is a FOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!
I read and watched a lot of tutorial online, try to understand how it works. But in the end, nobody mention how to get the hosting url after all the steps.

Another thing is, the siri certificate is needed to refresh everyday. It's funny, it's it?

It means that, you need to doing the same step all over again everyday. Copying the code, pasting the code.

Again, another fool of Siri on iPhone 4. If you setup your proxy server successfully, you will need to power on your pc keep the server alive. So, if you want to use Siri on your iPhone 4 24 hours, you will need to power on your PC 24 hours.

Not the end yet. It only works with WiFi but not 3G network. GREAT!!! DAM IT!!!

Well, I am not complaining the Spire developer. They did a great job but just not great enough.

Special Thanks to Apple.Inc that make Siri exclusive to 4S
You Sucks