Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know u are so sad since u didn't be with her.

Don't be so childish PLEASE .Don't waste your time and your energy to make her to love you again PLEASE . It is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Use all of your time on your study will be better than her PLEASE . Normally, when a person changed his/her mind, they will not change back to the old method.

Don't always feel that if you improve your result, become richer, more care about her she will turn the way back to you PLEASE . Don't be so childish as i said PLEASE .

Change your thinking to more logically PLEASE. Besides,

don't tell her what we told u before PLEASE. We just help you since you ask for help from us. After the consultation,

don't tell her about the consultation PLEASE. If you tell her the consultation, aren't we shall feel angry?

Don't be so stupid as past just tell her everything your know PLEASE, this will make your friends don't want to care about you anymore. She is not good enough and she is not the best.

We are so tired to protect you from her. Since you told her everything, we will not help you anymore on this case. We help you then you told her all about the 'HELPS' from us to her. We will just let you go, you can listen to the advices from your other friends, and you will pay the price to learn how to put down something, grow up, and become more mature.

This all what i can say, and don't ask "why u didn't tell/stop/mention/ me" in the future PLEASE...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Little Puppies :)

Lets introduce my 2 new family members. They are a boy and a girl, who are 2 new puppies was born by 言言, but we haven't names the 2 little puppies :) 言言 is their mother, it is a POODLE, but the puppies was not. Actually i also don't know which type of dog they are >,<> white in colour, but the hair will change to brown in colour when the hair is longer. So, my aunty will always cut their hair to maintain them in white in colour. Lets see the little puppies :)

They are cute^^What were they doing^^

They were sitting in the cage
They were trying to get out from the cage>,<

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st Year Anniversary For IICP New Campus And Our Class Student :)

There was a Street Blast Party in IICP, the purpose to held this party is to celebrate 1st year anniversary for IICP new campus. But, it is also celebrate for the student who just 1st year in IICP!!!! ME!!! DBAD SEM 3!!! The party was held in the 2nd floor(ground floor) of car park. Intima had done their job to let us have a great party. But there are too little of table=.= We were enjoy some great foods during the party :) Such as laksa, ice kacang, sushi... I had been chosen in the lucky draw^^I got a RM20 Häagen-Dazs voucher^^Besides, we also enjoy some of the perfomance prepared by IICP students. Joel Tan who from our class sang a great song with his partner which is the 2nd place winner in the talent quest. There are a lot of games organized by Intima too, we were having fun in the party.

The stage of the party
What was he doing?
Can u get the answer? :)
He was capturing the picture of this :)

Michael Yup Was Burning the '1' to celebreate the anniversary

The '1' was burning

Monday, March 16, 2009


I had finished my Econ and CSC assignment.
This two assignments make me to feel gona vomit when i m watching to my dear pc :(
I faced the pc screen atleast 12 hours per day before i done the assignments. It is a nightmare :(
They made my eye become red and pain :(
Besides, my left eye keep flowing tears during the last 2 days.

Luckily, there is no more assignment in this sem :) i feel happy because of that :) Lets have a rest for 1 week from now^^ Yepee!!

Tagged By Hm

Omg, i recieved a tag from hm while i was rushing my assignment. So, lets relax a few minutes by completing the tag :)

Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question,
make it a total of 20 questions.
Then tag 5 people in your list,
list them out at the end of this post.
Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.
1.Crazy stuff u did before.
Gambling in class when i was form5 xD

2.What is your most favourite thing to do?
Play with all of my buddies :)

3.If you are given a chance to reverse your life,will you go back to the past ?
Yup, i wana go back to the begining of my secondary school life.
4.How old are you?

18++, going to 19 soon. Haha

5.Is there someone in your heart right now?

6.Do you feel loved in this world?
Sure^^ I feel everyone is loving me.

7.What are you afraid to lose the most?
All the people who is loving me.

8.What do you feel like doing right now?
Sleeping in my bed, i m too tired to rush my assignment :(

9.If there's someone that you love.would you confess to him/her?
Sure, i had told her^^

10.Do you think you're special?
Yup xD I m high confodance, haha...

11.What are the requirements that you not wish from you other half?
The most important!!! Can't be a smoker!!!

12.What do you think is your purpose in life?
To make my dream come true, to become a boss^^ wakaka

13.Do you feel like killing someone at the moment?
14.If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life,what whould it be?
The JawaMee cooked by my aunty!!

15.Who is your second wife?
My dear laptop^^

16.What is the most prized possession that you wish you can bring to Heaven?
My laptop~ I hope there are some WIFI in Heaven~ Haha...

17.Name one love song that you have in mind and why?
Kiss GoodBye from Wang Lee Hom!!

18.What is your plan when you become an old man or old woman?
Spend all of the money that i earn :P

19.Do you know where to find a true love?
I had found it^^

20.Which idol you wish to meet with?
Wang Lee Hom!!!
TAG:Han, Choon Yann, Yu ling, 米佳樂 :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am in bad mood because of a game=.=Anybody played a game names Mouse Hunt in Facebook? I went to a new town where is Mousoleum.Before that, i try hard to save all the MH gold to buy a new trap for preparation to go to Mousoleum which is

Sinister Portal ( 1025 power )
Power Type: Shadow
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: n/a
Cheese Effect: Stale

It cost 140,000 MH gold.

Unfortunatly, i fail to cought any mouse 8 times continuously. I felt angry about that=.= The second day, i felt angry again because i only cought 6 mice from 12pm until 9pm!!! We can horn the hunter's horn atleast 4 times/hour, which mean there are 36 opportunity to horn the hunter's horn but my trap only can cought 6 mice in 36 times horn!!!

Finally i became happy again because i had bought a new trap which can help me to catch a lot of mice :P

It is

PartyBot ( 2850 power )
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 15%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Stale

Does it look fantastic? :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sean™ Enterprise's products

This are the first two products of Sean™ Enterprise.

Which are Sean™ Dollar


The Elephant's Coin

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Begin of Sean™ Enterprise

Welcome everyone, here is the begin of Sean Enterprise. Lets us introduce the people who work in the company,
Chairman: Sean
Director: Sean
CEO: Sean
General Manager: Sean
Accounting Manager: Sean
Financial Manager: Sean
Marketing Manager: Sean
Human Resource: Sean
Production Manager: Sean
Heads of Departments: Sean
Superviser: Sean
Group Leader: Sean
Employees: Sean
This is the reason why the company names Sean™ Enterprise.
Lastly, everyone is welcome to join Sean™ Enterprise.