Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas Eve

Doing a lot of stupid thing.

Go E-gate to buy a foot of sandwich and share with another 3 friends.

And a tin of beer for each of us.

Then went back to QueensbayMall.

That's what i wana show you all after that.

Play 5,10,15,20 at the middle of the round about.

These are the result who lose in the

The 1st game

2nd game

The 3rd game.

I am the only 1 loser because i make some mistake.zzz

The last game.

That's a greet and funny and stupid X'mas Eve

Thursday, December 24, 2009


TFC-005, It's made by TFClub and for 3 Optimus Prime.

Here's the front and back of the TFC-005(Box)

The cannon

The 1st cannon can combine with this and make it looks like the Movie Energon Buster which belongs to Optimus Prime.
Here's the Cannon.

My Birthday Present

That's a little late to update this post.

My birtday was 4th of December, haha.

Here's my birthday present.

A Casio Edifice Series Watch.

I decide to choose it as my birthday present from mom :)

Since my last watch is gone.

I like it :)

Edifice Series is a a Series that target at young people.