Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know u are so sad since u didn't be with her.

Don't be so childish PLEASE .Don't waste your time and your energy to make her to love you again PLEASE . It is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Use all of your time on your study will be better than her PLEASE . Normally, when a person changed his/her mind, they will not change back to the old method.

Don't always feel that if you improve your result, become richer, more care about her she will turn the way back to you PLEASE . Don't be so childish as i said PLEASE .

Change your thinking to more logically PLEASE. Besides,

don't tell her what we told u before PLEASE. We just help you since you ask for help from us. After the consultation,

don't tell her about the consultation PLEASE. If you tell her the consultation, aren't we shall feel angry?

Don't be so stupid as past just tell her everything your know PLEASE, this will make your friends don't want to care about you anymore. She is not good enough and she is not the best.

We are so tired to protect you from her. Since you told her everything, we will not help you anymore on this case. We help you then you told her all about the 'HELPS' from us to her. We will just let you go, you can listen to the advices from your other friends, and you will pay the price to learn how to put down something, grow up, and become more mature.

This all what i can say, and don't ask "why u didn't tell/stop/mention/ me" in the future PLEASE...

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There's Hooi Ming* said...

really make feel mad about this..

Tan Zheng Yang said...

hope he will soon =)

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