Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st Year Anniversary For IICP New Campus And Our Class Student :)

There was a Street Blast Party in IICP, the purpose to held this party is to celebrate 1st year anniversary for IICP new campus. But, it is also celebrate for the student who just 1st year in IICP!!!! ME!!! DBAD SEM 3!!! The party was held in the 2nd floor(ground floor) of car park. Intima had done their job to let us have a great party. But there are too little of table=.= We were enjoy some great foods during the party :) Such as laksa, ice kacang, sushi... I had been chosen in the lucky draw^^I got a RM20 Häagen-Dazs voucher^^Besides, we also enjoy some of the perfomance prepared by IICP students. Joel Tan who from our class sang a great song with his partner which is the 2nd place winner in the talent quest. There are a lot of games organized by Intima too, we were having fun in the party.

The stage of the party
What was he doing?
Can u get the answer? :)
He was capturing the picture of this :)

Michael Yup Was Burning the '1' to celebreate the anniversary

The '1' was burning

4 Customer's Feedback:

choonyann said...

that means u decide to treat us eat Häagen Dazs?? thanks first!!! ^^,

Sean said...

RM20 so little=.= wana buy 2 scope of ice cream also nt enough=.=

There's Hooi Ming* said...

better treat Julie oo..hehex..^^

Sean said...

Sure la...i wana treat u n julie 1, but there is no enough for u, so...wakakakaka

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