Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Suddenly think of wana post some photo :D

Some photo about my birthday :p

 A burger from J.CO.

A burger? or a donut????

 My favorite :D


melted :(

 A pink headset.

Got in from the SwitchWorld :D

A gift from and to Julie.

Another thing from SwitchWorld :D

iPod/iPhone dock power station and speaker

got RM99 from SwitchWorld and used to buy this.

Top View

The box of the dock station.

Screen Protector of iPhone 4 (tied with RM99 voucher)

There are 8 kind of dock stand support which design for more than 10 iPods.

The box shows those iPods :D

A beg from SwitchWorld too.

Everything is from SwitchWorld and J.CO.


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