Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dell Vostro 3400

Someone brings that DEVIL for me please!
Accessorise My Dell
Also Includes
Document SERI/EULA (English)
Resource DVD of Vostro Winery
NB-OS-CTO HandlingandInsurance charges(Malaysia)
Vostro 3400BR System Chassis
T520921MY-Dell(TM) Vostro(TM) 3400
Shippment box for V3400
Palmrest with Finger Print Reader
ODM APCC info mod
Energy star 5.0
Shipping Documentation
Direct Ship Info
System Driver for Vostro 3400
Software Adobe Reader 9.0 Multi-language
LCD Bezel with Camera
Laptop Batteries Carry One Year Warranty Only From Invoice Date
Technical Support
Internal Dell(TM) Keyboard (English)

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