Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Transformers ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee

Human Alliance Bumblebe is a Voyager Class size of Bumblebee which has a Sam Witwicky figure.

There are some special part design to make Sam can stand/sit at certain place of the Bumblebee.

This is the back view of the box. The item description shows that the Bumblebee's leg is in wrong position. So, we need to take some time to customize by ourselve. Here's the link to teach us how to make Bumblebee to get back to leg position.
As the picture shows that, Sam can stand at Bumblebee's shoulder. Besides, Sam also can stand/sit at Bumblebee's arm, hand and some other place.
Here's the Bumblebee in vehicle form. Sam can sit into the car and there is a driving wheel. If you bought a ROTF HA Skids, u also can make Mikaela to sit beside Sam.
Sam sit infront of the Bumblebee. Seems like the real people who like to shows of his Chevy Camaro(Bumblebee's car concept).
Besides, we also can make Sam posture like going to sit into the car. The Sam human figure is movable.
Here's the video clip to shows how we can customize the Bumblebee's leg. Just a few easy steps.

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