Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Decision

I m still conflicting.

I don't know which decision should be made.

Will i choose to buy another new Optimus Prime which name Buster Prime.

Or i can send my own Optimus Prime to repaint.

Or i can just leave my Optimus Prime then save money to buy a Jetfire to combine with my Optimus Prime.

Or i can buy the TFC-005 for my Optimus Prime.( The TFC-005 Picture display at my sidebar)

It's hard to make the decision.

When we choosing something

We will give up other thing.

I want all!!!!!

The repainted Optimus Prime(Godlike)
By Crefigz

The Buster Prime
By Takara Tomy

My Repainted Optimus Prime
By Sean

The original and 1st batch Optimus Prime since The Revenge of The Fallen
By Takar Tomy & Hasbro

All of the repainted Optimus Prime looks so cool.

The original looks so stupid like a plastic. Zzz

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