Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legend Class Optimus Prime

My little Legend Class OPTIMUS PRIME from Petronas :)
Finally, i get the Legend Class OPTIMUS PRIME from butterworth Petronas :)


The next is Legend Class Jetfire^^

I will get it next week^^

I sent a message to the ebay seller then i went to QueensbayMall and order it :)

After i went home, i recieved a message from the ebay seller.

He said that his shop is located at QueensbayMall and tell me the shop name.

I relize that, they are the same people~


then i told him i went to his shop in the evening^^

so, the same answer again, the stock will only come in the next week :)
Thx Nicole, Ying Hsi, Mom, Blacky Hao, Hui Kit :)
For searching the OPIMUS PRIME
And of course my dearest Julie

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