Sunday, October 4, 2009

Transformers ROTF Legend Class The Fallen

I had bought it for a period of time ago.

Because of some problem with the Pos Express, so i got it 2 weeks++ after i order it.

It is a big joke man...the Pos Express can't find my house. WTF with them, the people who run the shipping line can't find my house.

Then how they ship to other people??

Just like me? call me and ask for my house location for a few times? BULLSHIT!

Here's my Little Fallen :)

Front view with the box
It is the best ROTF Legend Class Toy I think.
Because the moving figures of it are more than all of the other ROTF Legend Class Transformers.
And it is in metallic colour:)
See~ There are all full attribute!! Even Infinity sign!!
Is it looks cool?
Vehicle Mode

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