Monday, September 14, 2009

ROTF Voyager Class Ironhide

It's new family member IRONHIDE :) Welcome :)

Item Description:
A Voyager sized toy with high details, on the same scale with

Leader Class Optimus Prime, Deluxe Class Bumblebee and

most of the Deluxe figures.
Features Automorph technology and is equipped with two

forearm-mounted cannons that can be linked to form one
larger cannon.
This toy of Ironhide measures 18 centimeters long, while an
actual Topkick with measures 625 centimeters long,
giving this toy a scale of about 1/35.
With a robot mode 18 centimeters tall, this real robot would
stand 21 feet tall.
This toy is noted as resembling the Generation 1 Autobot

Trailbreaker, so much so that fan-based companies have

produced sticker sets to make him into a custom Classics

The IRONHIDE in Robot Mode
Behind View
The roof of IRONHIDE can be unarmed
Vehicle Form
Without the weapons
Side View
A logo of Autobot is wearing a scout's cap
Another View of the weapons
2 weapons combined
Another style of the 2 weapons combined

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Edwin said...

Hi, i came across your blog, just wondering if you knw the differences between the takara and hasbro version of the ROTF Ironhide? Other than the jap sticker on the packaging, anythng else to look out for?

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