Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Bday Bok

What a sui siao people u are...

It is a raining day when your birthday, tuko said that if there is a raining day on someone birthday, that means the people is a very kiam siap ppl.

Yes, you

We can't go to where we were planing for...

The Island Red Cafe...

the kitchen electric sucks...zz

Finally, we go to OXO again,zzz
Happy Bday

3 Customer's Feedback:

Anonymous said...

jus few drops of rain nia..
the rain if the tears of god who was saw u guy help me to celebrate my b'day party.

AUN said...


Julie said...

what memorable bday celeration at OXO :)
i meant i m able to get into the championship round XP

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